How to use Virtual Office Spaces to boost your firm’s image

When you’re running a small firm, it can be daunting to have a client visit your business. Especially if you’re managing day-to-day operations from home. Many small firms tend to deal with this issue. But why would you move into an expensive office space if your firm consists of a team of only 2 to 3 people?

There is another way. Now you can rent virtual office spaces from shared workspaces. We’ll cover the benefits that come with virtual offices and how they can impress your clients.

You’ll have access to a professional address

It can be uncomfortable putting your home address on business cards and your website. Now, you can use the address from your virtual office space. Doing this makes your business seem more professional especially when it pops up on Google Maps.

At Wolf Law Chambers, we have locations in premium places that are perfect for legal professionals. You can use one of our addresses to invite your clients to and use as your permanent working address.

Office in Mississauga

Utilize the workspace amenities

With virtual office spaces, you’re usually able to use their workspaces. This can include working desk areas, having printer access, internet, and more.

If you use our virtual offices, you’ll even have access to a receptionist. They will handle calls from clients when they call into the lobby and will handle clients when they come to visit. This is a fantastic way to “WOW” your clients. There’s nothing more professional than having your own receptionist.

Oakville Boardroom

You can rent out office spaces

Have an upcoming client meeting? You can rent or request access to boardrooms or meeting spaces. These rooms are equipped with the tools you’ll need to make a great impression.

At our virtual office spaces, you will even have access to snacks and drinks. Your guests will love the accommodations and will appreciate the gesture.

Oakville Private Office 2
Oakville Private Office 2

Are virtual offices right for your business?

Virtual office spaces are a no brainer solution for small firms. With our virtual office spaces, you have a big business image despite your company’s actual size. Our office spaces are designed with legal professionals in mind. We will promote your business on our websites, help you record videos about your practice, and you’ll have instant access to our referral network. Rent any of our virtual office spaces in central Mississauga and Downtown Oakville.  It’s time to take your business to the next level and join a community of legal professionals. Get in touch with us today.